Skateboarding At 60

Skateboarding, acrobatics and graffiti at 60 – WOW. Meet Lena the 65 year old skateboarder. Lena Salmi from Helsinki skateboards, takes acrobatic classes and loves graffiti art. She’s living proof that age is just a number.

At 60, Lena swapped her cycle for a skateboard and began to enjoy her city in a unique new way. Her enthusiasm for her favourite sport has inspired people around the world, and these days she teaches young and old how to skateboard, encouraging everyone just to have fun.

This amazing story is not only so heartwarming and inspiring but it also directly emphasises the crucial link between hobbies and well-being.

Whether living a normal healthy life in our senior years or caring for a loved one, keeping up hobbies or even finding new ones (who is going to be as adventurous as this incredible human being ????) is vital to enhance well-being.

(Click to watch on YouTube) Credit BBC 3