Seef Making A Difference

The socio-economic impact of COVID-19 will of course be felt hardest by the vulnerable. Without the support of many individuals and the business community, this pandemic will make life extremely difficult and even unbearable for many.

Interestingly at the beginning of this year, long before lockdown was even a word, Seeff launched their Home2Home campaign – a unique social responsibility operation which provides an opportunity for homeowners/any individuals to donate their unwanted, but working and usable goods for distribution to people who would benefit from them.

This campaign was created when it became very clear that homeowners and tenants often sell, buy or discard many items when they declutter and clear out used clothes, home appliances, décor and other items when relocating homes/premises. The Seeff Home2Home drive makes use of an ideal opportunity to redistribute unwanted or unused items to communities and homes across the country through various charities and community partners.

When Seeff North Coasts’ own agent Lara Hamilton Potts recently moved house she decided to put this campaign into practice. Taking into account it was also Woman’s Month Lara contacted the “Woman on A Mission” enterprise a NPC (Community Outreach & Upliftment) organization that has a shop in Sandra Road Ballito and works tirelessly on many projects to improve the lives of those in need. Lara filled many boxes with her items and she personally delivered them all to this laudable outlet.

Seeff North Coast has created several other strategic partnerships for redistribution of the articles to various local communities and homes in need. Other partners include the North Coast Courier Orphan Fund which does irreplaceable outreach work to assist many of our most vulnerable children and communities. If anyone would like to contribute to this worthwhile Home2Home initiative, please contact Seeff North Coast directly and we’ll let you know how to get involved and make a difference.

Alongside the existing collection points, Seeff North Coast is also providing additional Seeff Home2Home drop off boxes at a variety of local supermarkets and locations to encourage the local community to purchase and make available any dry or canned food goods as well as personal hygiene items such as soaps and hand sanitizers.

With a dedicated CSI focus it is Seeff North Coast’s intention to continue providing support and mobilising our clients and partners well into the future to ensure we continue to give back in a real way and safeguard the viability and wellbeing of the community we are proud to be a part of.

Credit: Ballito News


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