Opening Of Dala Art Bar

With beautiful, locally-sourced artworks adorning the walls and trendy items of clothing hanging on the rails, we thought you might like to know a little more about this cool new spot, tucked away in Umhlali.⁠⠀
They are a group of kindred, creative spirits who have come together to form a space for artists, designers and pretty much anyone who has the courage to put themselves out there and create something. @dala_art_bar, situated at Burnedale in Umhlali, is, by day, a pop-up type shop featuring local South African talent in the form of artwork and clothing and, by night, a vibey outdoor bar and place to come together and enjoy good food, music and chilled, laid back vibes. ⁠⠀
Started by Gustaf Swart, Anthony Yared, Claire Howell and Caleb Swanepoel, the vision for Dala has evolved over the past few months and what was originally going to be a ‘book and pizza’ hangout, has now become this ever-changing creative hub. ⁠⠀
“We want this to be a space where we can celebrate art, clothing and people who are brave enough to create,” says Gustaf. Fashion designer Claire, who heads up the fashion side of Dala, says the ultimate goal is to uplift and give creatives a platform from which they can hopefully connect and grow. The art and clothing in the store are sourced locally and they change on a monthly basis. They are also starting to introduce locally-made jewellery and other items. ⁠⠀

Credit: Get It Magic


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