Fishing Season Has Begun

I was talking to a frustrated surf ski angler just after he beached at Umhlanga during the week and he said that he had caught some beautiful live bait.

 Rakesh Gopichand caught this Brusher of about 10kg at La Mercy.

The summer game fish season has begun and its going rather nicely despite the wind. 

Already anglers have recorded some really decent catches.

It is the time of the year when anglers have the choice of fishing the backline for garrick plus the option of looking for big tuna and dorado.

The water has not been all that clean so fish have been hard to find close in-shore, but those persevering with live baits such as mackerel have pulled a couple of big tuna. 

I was talking to a frustrated surf ski angler just after he beached at Umhlanga during the week and he said that he had caught some beautiful live bait.

But every time he put a live bait into the water it was nailed by shad. He had hooked and released 3 shad weighing about 4kg around the Lighthouse.

He had however been gunning for garrick.

It is still early days, but several really decent dorado have already been caught.

It certainly seems as if this year’s run will surpass last season’s decent dorado run.

The ample availability of live bait will certainly help but as always, anglers are going to hope that the weather gods will be kind to them.

I believe a surf-ski angler fishing the backline just south of Umdloti was picked up by a large shark that towed him a considerable distance before breaking off.

Rock and surf anglers continue to record nice catches on almost every outing.

Especially those who have been fishing rocky areas in search of copper bream.

This year has been another fantastic one so far for copper bream, but there have been other species around.

The best of these has been brusher or white musselcracker and a number of these much sought-after fish have been caught by local and South Coast anglers.

On Sunday evening last week, Rakesh Gopichand fishing at La Mercy caught a bus of a brusher that really made his fishing trip.

This season could be one of the best for brusher for many a year.

Because shad season is now closed, anglers should concentrate on fishing in the dark for the best results unless trying for garrick at low tide.

Fresh crab is proving to be the most productive bait, but a nice prawn has also produced results.

Anglers fishing in the dark can expect to catch brusher, kob or salmon, stumpies, grunter and even sizeable rockcod and shad, which is banned at present. 

The weather is warming up nicely, so it is pleasant at the beach.

But with that comes a warning – two anglers fishing at night on a South Coast beach were attacked and stabbed by criminals warning to rob them.

Both anglers sadly died from their injuries.

Now is the time for regular rock and surf anglers to prepare themselves for the forthcoming summer angling season.

Make sure that tackle you use can handle the big flatfish that will soon be here and make sure that when hooked and landed, these harmless fish are returned alive and unharmed to the water.

Too many times in the past have I seen dead rays and sandies that have been caught, but left to rot on the beach.

Credit: North Coast Courier


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