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The trampoline park, which opened in January 2016 and has been a big hit with the kiddies,  is a 700sqm facility covered with wall-to-wall trampolines, built entirely for entertainment and recreational purposes.

The team are dedicated to providing a delightful experience of free jumping which comes second only to flying. They satisfy families and thrill seekers alike with our safe, padded obstacles and variety of different trampoline experiences catering to adults, teenagers, and children.

They also demonstrate that fitness can be weightless and fun can be smart. Free-runners and sports people understand that jumping is freedom.

‘We jump, explore and keep it safe’

Our Story

Bouncing off the walls took on a whole new meaning when THE JUMP PARK opened its doors in early January 2016. This mammoth wall-to-wall trampoline park brings over 1700 square feet of adrenaline-pumping, flipping, flying and gravity-defying trampoline surface area to the North Coast, making it the biggest indoor activity area ever to open in Ballito. Keen to bring something unique to South Africa and, more specifically, Ballito, the owners travelled both nationally and internationally to see what was on offer around the world. Their time in the US, home to the biggest trampoline parks, was invaluable and they have brought much of what they learned there right here to the North Coast.

As far as location goes, with its exceptional growth and more and more families seeking a more active, healthy lifestyle, Ballito is perfect for the Jump Park. This focus on an active lifestyle and healthy entertainment for kids, as opposed to video games, trawling malls and TV time, means that THE JUMP PARK appeals to all ages, from five to 65, and offers an experience with loads of different ways to “get your bounce”on. The Jump Park is an ideal fit for the Sugar Rush Park, which is home to an array of different outdoor activities which appeal to the whole family.

Since we opened we have been striving to bring you and your family an array of ever evolving fun and exciting new options. These include Jump Fit classes, Toddler Time, Dodgeball League and school & business Team Building workshops. In April this year we launched our JumpnastiX classes which is a fusion of gymnastics & trampolining and has proved to be very popular.

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