Schroder Sports Photography

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Just a bit about Schröder Sports Photography..

I have two passions in life and they are sports and photography. Schröder Sports Photography is the baby born out of these two passions.

I am an attorney and by no means a professional photographer, but I love being so privileged to actually make my passion my hobby. Photography, as awesome as it is, is also a very expensive hobby. So  I have recently started to try and raise money for a tele-photo zoom lens for my camera.

I have a basic entry level Canon 600D camera and most of my pictures are taken with a 55-250mm lens. In order to be able to get up close and personal with my action shots I am trying to raise money to get a 150-500mm lens, which will most certainly get me closer to the action.

I am hoping that Schröder Sports Photography can grow into something a lot bigger than it is now.

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