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Our products help you paint things better. We believe in being transparent to give you healthier, more ethical choices.

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All our paints are rated by our Green Filter, clearly indicating VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other chemical content.

Steeped in an established tradition of the finest finishes and colour coatings since 1989, Midas Earthcote has now produced a retail destination brand with the same unchanging, proven principles.

As part of its strategic re-alignment, Kansai have released Midas Earthcote as an exclusive channel to market allowing them to now pursue their own retail path, independently. Hence the newly named Paintsmiths personifies the core values of Midas’ innovative, solution-based products and service distinction and Earthcote’s range of luxury finishes, extending this into a must-have, affordable and accessible product range, available in a uniquely engaging retail space.

As long-standing paint merchants with a lifetime of collective knowledge from the leading paint experts Midas, Earthcote and Kansai Plascon, and with roots deep in the trade and customer experience, Paintsmiths are delighted to now offer an innovative, consumer-friendly, retail destination which addresses all your quality, price, service and convenience coating needs in a series of bespoke, solution-based stores.

Treating our new retail spaces as a place for the local community to find practical, trusted and affordable home solutions. Paintsmiths stores challenge the norm of your typical paint and hardware outlet on every level. Here the point of departure is a trusted communal space that stocks less of everything but more of a higher quality something.

Aspirational affordability offered with a sincere service initiative wrapped in a fresh and light physical environment complementing our new product offering.

Together Midas and Earthcote have been able to fine-tune customer service excellence and focus on new product development, which are the same exacting values and standards you will find now entrenched in the Paintsmiths brand.

Paintsmiths now builds on this deep experience and history of proven product innovation and customer service to both the trade and retail customer, and are excited about delivering the highest quality, most versatile offering in an accessible, user-friendly retail environment underpinned by two leading paint brands, Midas and Earthcote: bringing you a century-old tradition of trust, service excellence and continued product innovation at affordable prices.


Onsite Consultations

We’ll come to you to do a professional audit of your paint job requirements including a colour consultation.

Professional Specification Services

Our stores are experienced in providing detailed specifications for any painting procedure – and it’s included in the price of the product that you purchased from the store.

Third Party Quality Assurers

For a small premium, Midas products like Steracon and Triplon come with a lifespan and performance guarantee. These products are independently audited by external quality assurers during application and during the lifespan of the coating. We will ensure that the 3rd party involvement is in place when you buy into any of these technical coatings.

Skilled Applicator Recommendations

We will recommend skilled applicator teams for our plaster-type products. Please ask us to refer you – the look and performance of your wall depends on skilled application.

Environmentally conscious & customized coatings systems made simple.

Easy When You Know How  

Coatings is a technical game. Our store proprietors are specialists in both aesthetics and technical realities.

Our stores are destinations not just for the most up-to-date products in the coatings business, but also for know-how and application expertise that will make it possible to cut through the detail, identify suitable products, and ensure that specialist applicator teams are at the ready to apply technical finishes to the highest standards.

You choose your level of involvement. You can either take home the paint, or hand your project over to us and we’ll roll-out the installation via one of our expert applicator teams.

A Paint Business With A History

We’re a business with a long, proud history. Paintsmiths has evolved from a long line of paint  merchants, incorporating Midas Paints, which itself started out life as a family run chain of paint stores in the 1960’s.

Midas Paints amalgamated with Earthcote in the 1980s and the joint company was later acquired by Barloworld Coatings in 2006 – a relationship that enabled Midas to fine tune its focus on service excellence and Specialist product development.

Today as Paintsmiths incorporates the core values of Midas’ innovative, solution-based product portfolio and service distinction, as well as Earthcote’s range of luxury finishes – extending this into must-have, accessible products.

Underpinned by a strong service ethic, our unsurpassed collection of products in an environment that encourages customisation, makes our studio-style stores more engaging than the big-box paint and hardware store.

37 Stores across South Africa and growing…

Click here to view where you can find our stores.

Paintsmiths is known for pushing the boundaries in product development. We’re proud of the gains we’ve made in environmentally conscious technology, the aesthetics of our coatings offerings, and our exceptional service delivery.

  • In Environmental Consciousness

We pride ourselves in many of our products being Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) rated and to that end we have developed a VOC grading system so every coating in our stores are marked to clearly highlight the VOC level of the coating. Greenstar rated, this is recognized as the gold standard in environmentally friendly coatings in South Africa.

  • In Aesthetics

We’re the home of Earthcote textured wall coatings and we recently developed a range of new generation flooring products called tread. Atelier is our latest collection of design-led textured finishes – the newest and the most contemporary.

  • In Paint Technology

We’ve developed specialist technical coatings that target specific architectural and environmental issues – from ultra long-lasting paint for high-rise buildings to special coatings for wineries, breweries and hospitals.

  • In Colour

We’ve spent years finessing our earthy palettes and naturals, providing a superbly finely tuned nuanced collection of colour.

Our Midas colours were finessed in collaboration with architects and designers, to offer the most considered colour edit, and we know that getting colour right is an art.

Our expert colour matchers can match any colour by eye, so while we encourage you to choose colour from a chart, our colour matchers are also able to match to fabric swatches or any other colour references – the old school way.

  • In Flooring Finishes


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