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Fully Showcase Your Business Or Service

Expand your online profile. Reach significantly more customers. Get more business.

I know the full picture...

Endless Opportunities

New in 2022. An incredible 8 interactive directories, a completely brand new website, plus other amazing initiatives. 

Showcase All That You Are

Stunning, world class, professional advertising profiles.

Extensive new features & upgrades to massively improve front-end user experience (your customers) & back-end user friendliness (you).

Online Magazine

Free inclusion in our new quarterly online magazine feature.

A incredible bonus worth 10’s of thousands of Rands free to a limited number of new 2022 members.  

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Close To Our Hearts

Enjoy exclusive participation in our new Save our Rhinos initiative.

Partner with us at no extra cost in a truly exciting & innovative program & enjoy extra exposure opportunities. 

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Extensive Value Added Features

Scroll through our full bouquet of incredible services highlighting the amazing benefits you enjoy as a FIFM member (for a limited # of new members only).  

Benefit Description Included
Interactive Directories
Up to 8 incredible ways to fully showcase your business or service.
Online Magazine
Free lifetime bonus inclusion. 4 publications annually.
Lifetime Benefits
Includes all current services for a limited number of new members.
Once-off Fee
Nothing to pay ever again. No hidden costs or monthly subscription fees.
Hassle Free Setup
Stunning professional profile fully created for you in 3-5 working days.
Verified SEO Status
Full SEO (search engine optimisation) across all your listing components.
CTA Touch Points
Multiple call to action touch points to connect your customers to you.
SEO Backlinks
Vitally important SEO backlinks enhancing your overall online reach.
Unlimited Updates
Control when & how often you update your advertising profile.
Marketing Support
Monthly support to help maximise your membership opportunities.
Community Initiative
Bonus participation in our Save our Rhinos program.
Referral Program
Earn cashback for every successfully signed up referral.
Free Listing
Chance to win 100% of your listing fee back.
Mobile App
Free inclusion. Currently in development.

List With Us

New Features – New Benefits – New Offer.  We are giving a limited # of new members…

Pay IN FULL or over 6 MONTHS, whichever BEST SUITES your budget.  Act NOW to secure this phenomenal deal.

R9'999 R4'999 x1

Once-off payment
50% Off. Nothing to pay ever again

100% secure payment powered by

only R875 x6

6 Months easi-pay
Only R251 admin & interest fees

100% secure payment powered by

Listing Made Easy As 1, 2, 3

1. Select your payment option, create your account, complete a short info form & make your payment.

2. Sit back & relax while we set up your full primary profile within 3-5 working days. It's completely hassle free.

3. Get your live profile link & smartpost private dashboard access for unlimited lifetime benefits.

Great Value For Money


And so user friendly.  Incredible advertising and promotion services right at my fingertips. Unlimited free edits, updates or posts – for life.  Now that’s my kind of business services partner.  Studio 8 Photography

Device Blue White


It really is.  Once you have selected a payment option you will be asked to quickly create an account by providing an email address & password.

Next you will be asked to provide a little bit of key (but obvious) info & then all that is left to do is to process your payment (click here to download our simple listing guide in PDF format).

The rest is completely hassle free, we do it all for you.

We immediately get working on trawling through all your online content & create your own personalised gorgeous advertising profile.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any online presence yet, we will work with you to get that sorted out.

In just a few days we get in touch with you with your live member link for you to approve or have us make any changes you require. 

Thereafter you have complete control to manage everything through you very own private smart-post dashboard.

Absolutely it is. 

What happens if I change my business or go out of business?

Your membership is for life, you can simply change all your details & submit to us for approval to change it over.

Providing it still meets our terms & conditions we will immediately switch it over.

If you move on to new ventures, we want to join & support you on your journey.

If you unfortunately have to close your business you are welcome to gift your membership to someone else.  Just contact us with relevant details & we will get your membership transferred over at no cost.

Yes we do agree it is a crazy price that really should not be missed, because we won’t be keeping it at this price forever, that’s for sure.

That said it is hugely important at such a critical time of regrouping, repairing & rebuilding; to play our part in supporting each other to grow & prosper.

We know this sounds very cliche but we truly believe it is truly through our uniquely South African spirit that we can all grow back stronger & better, & we intend to responsibly play our part in the process.

We have at least 3 years of development initiatives already in the works & when start rolling these out our prices will naturally reflect this.

So come on board now and reap your business rewards with us as we grow together into a tremendously exciting future.

Yes indeed you will.

In the not too distant future we will be introducing a unique bouquet of free B2B business support features aimed to help our member’s achieve growth & success.

This is a really good question!

Firstly our service is totally complimentary to any online services you already have, or a great kick-starter if you don’t have anything yet.

Key to partnering with us, is for a fractional once-off investment you get ongoing enhanced SEO & backlink services packed with customer-centric features all helping direct your customers specifically to your business either for life, or for as long as you remain in business, thus growing your online exposure year on year without having to pay anything again.

Our model is to continually scale our SEO investment which you (this is really important), by direct association as a highly valued partner on our platform, will equally and continually benefit from.  And the more we grow the more you will benefit.

And finally our end-goal aim is to become an indispensable support business partner to you by adding a whole host of free-to-access value added B2B services to help grow & support your success.  After all, the more success you have the more we have. Now that’s win win!

Most definitely you can.

You have complete control through your private smartpost members dashboard to do so.

In fact we really encourage you to regularly update your advertising profile & include all that’s exciting & new about what you do.

It’s a great way to generate extra business & grow your online reach.

We do however, require you to ensure all content you upload is professional & meets our terms and conditions, in order to protect & respect all members & users rights.

All payments are secured by PayFast, which is South Africa’s premier online payment merchant & trusted extensively by thousands of online businesses.

Although our servers are fully secure, we don’t store any of your payment details on our servers, all payment transactions are processed on Payfast’s highly secure platform.

Extracted directly from PayFast

  • PayFast is PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider (the highest level).
  • PayFast is developed with the same demands on security and performance as web sites used for banking services and share trading. Your account login, personal details, and all money transactions are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 256 bit encryption.
  • Your sensitive financial information (like credit/debit card details) is never sent to the people you pay! So you can send money without sending your financial information! So you don’t need to worry about paying people you don’t know.
  • We make use of 3D Secure to further enhance the security of credit card transactions on PayFast.

See the security page on our website for more details of the exact security measures PayFast has in place.